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Refactoring - Retail New Terminals
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2017 China international unmanned stores and retail new Terminal Services Innovation Summit

Shanghai international unmanned stores and retail new Terminal Services Innovation Exhibition

Expo Information

Since 2016, when people have been thinking and feeling the retail revolution triggered by new retail and new channels, the new retail terminal, represented by Amazon's Amazon Go, has quietly emerged. And accompanied by represented by no one store the rise of these new retail terminal, traditional commodities retail services, standards, processes, information, technology, supply chain are faced with refactoring, retail sales enterprise business model and architecture also faces new challenges.

No one store, not in the model, there is no standardized case, only constantly in recent 10 years of exploration and pursuit, from the early single function of vending machines, to the middle of the super, and then to today's all no one store, there is no shop market in constant evolution and iteration finally usher in the dawn. In retail cost structure change and the rapidly changing consumer demand today, no one shop than traditional manned convenience stores for the personnel cost and management have a competitive advantage, with the development of era, the retail trend more and more be taken seriously. Unattended is becoming one of the most promising and promising business sectors of the future physical business, and unattended will be one of the best carriers for community business in the future.

Throughout China's history of the vending, in addition to friends, Fuji, icebergs, treasure LeiYunFeng, HuaYi, fu lei, Snow White, aucma vending machine in the field of traditional enterprises such as layout, no one outside, we also see more attention to the industry giant crossover into the field, regardless of haier, hisense, more professional equipment are introduced. On the other hand, contains rosen, crack, full-time, box Ma Xian raw, carrefour, and other retail enterprises of different level began to join the army of terminal change, these companies have also started to try no pilot store business, some businesses in internal pilot, even accelerate terminal change, accelerate the enterprise transformation.

30, self-help vending industry branch of the internal analysis, according to the material in 2017, domestic no store industry will usher in a starting years, over the next two years, more brands will enter into the field, no one shop no one shop will become one of the most explosive new retail formats.

The opportunity? How will the new terminals evolve? What are the opportunities behind the new terminal? 2017 China international unmanned store & retail new terminal service innovation conference will answer questions in Shanghai. No one from the shops, convenience stores and "FMCG + Internet" expert will jointly explore the future of the retail terminal, let more self-service and retail enterprise has found the new direction of progress and breakthrough.

No one shop, new retail terminal, contains numerous possibilities, different scenarios, the content of different goods and services in the form of combination, can be evolved a myriad of new commercial forms and patterns, whether you admit that a revolution is coming.

2017 China international no shops & retail new terminal services innovation summit and the scene two parallel at the venue, from government, industry association and relevant agencies and enterprise's management that the annual industry development situation and the hotspot at home and abroad were reviewed and the comprehensive analytical, power enterprise self-service retail colleagues better hold the pulse of The Times.

You will see at this summit:

The world's leading unattended company, together with China, does a 360-degree comprehensive analysis of its Chinese counterparts.

Disruptive unmanned store professional equipment + data marketing innovative play method;

The exploration, case and market future of retail unattended superspecies;

The development strategies of unattended stores in different areas, different environments, different scenarios, and different consumer groups;

The evolution of the professional supporting service equipment and suppliers of unattended stores; ......

After new retail, pathways, and retail industries latest wind - new terminal, this is your mind not to be missed feast, this is a feast of entrepreneurs, this is the market in the future you can't refuse.

Guidance unit: ministry of commerce

Host: Chinese department store business association

The China department stores business association

Organizer: trade exhibition (Shanghai) co. LTD

Special support unit: kentar Ratail

Joint undertaking unit: new distribution of fast consumer goods elite club

Conference sponsor: no convenience store

Meeting time: September 25-27, 2017

Venue: Shanghai expo exhibition

The three main theme conventions - unattended stores, convenience stores, and fast consumer products B2B, will help you fully grasp the future development pulse of the retail industry, and make your heart beat in the retail industry every time.

Theme meeting (1) : 2017 China international unmanned store & retail new terminal services innovation summit

In the same period: 2017 Shanghai international unattended & retail new terminal service innovation exhibition

China department store business association unattended branch preparatory conference

China's unattended investment and financing exchange meeting

2017 "China's unattended night" awards and dinner (awards and contents are released in succession)

In the context of slowing domestic economic growth, physical retail faces unprecedented challenges, and the performance of department stores and big-box stores continues to decline, and the performance declines, loss of stores and other situations have occurred repeatedly. However, the impact of Internet e-commerce enterprises on the whole industry is still continuing, and more traditional retail enterprises have to join the transition team. How to turn? How to turn? The "touchpoint", which is directly related to consumers, is being focused more and more. And looking at the performance of the retail terminals in the market over the past five years, we find that the new terminals with the concept of unattended are becoming more and more people's vision. According to the Chinese department of commercial association self-help vending industry branch, according to the above more than 65% of domestic retailers interested in terminal reform 2021 years ago, in addition to continuously upgrade the traditional convenience store, new retail terminal is represented by no one shop has become an important option for the companies, similar to the convenience store formats is also facing a new round of upgrades. The future does not rule out the gradual formation of unhumanized or semi-humanized convenience stores.

2017 Shanghai international unmanned store & retail new terminal service innovation exhibition

Scope of exhibits:

Retail new terminal and featured unattended store, sample shop, experience store exhibition area

Contains no one brand stores, convenience stores, all channels experience store, intelligent community, such as no one chain of convenience stores, convenience stores, self-service laundry, intelligent self-service fresh fruits and vegetables, intelligent cafeteria, intelligent boutiques, intelligent self-service coffee shops, etc.);

No shop, smart convenience store hardware display area

Various smart machines; Various intelligent self-service terminals and solutions (including self-catering and coffee, self-service entertainment and leisure, self-service distribution and collection, self-help finance and convenience, etc.); Self-service checkout, related payment and currency solution; Digital signage and advertising machine; Intelligent shopping basket, smart shelves, smart cabinets, automatic storage cabinets; Supplier of special products for vending machines and related accessories and services; Display equipment, quick packing facilities, entrance equipment, etc.

Retail new terminal and the information technology exhibition area of intelligent convenience store

The latest solutions for unattended stores and retail, digital solutions for stores; Related AI technology, big data cloud management platform system; Intelligent guide, intelligent identification, electronic tagging, intelligent receiving bank, smart video service solution; Commodity anti-theft system (EAS), radio frequency identification (RFID), barcode technology and equipment, printers and consumables; Related to retail related AR, VR application, intelligent robot interaction, etc.

Unattended and convenience stores (consumer goods) and supply chain service exhibition area

All kinds of fast food products (including food, beverage, wine, produce, fresh produce, etc.), daily provisions, creative products; Goods delivery service and distribution equipment (including district, city, etc.), various workshops and kitchen related accessories, logistics warehouse job front or logistics infrastructure and store inventory sharing; Community O2O platform and so on;

Retail new terminal and unattended stores, convenience store professional service providers

Commercial space design, consumption scene construction, consumer image characterization, soft decoration, design, education, training, media, recruitment, etc.

Theme meeting (2) : seminar on upgrading trend of Chinese international convenience stores in 2017

Convenience store is a star in the field of China's retail business, which is integrated with high quality goods and services and retail services of advanced information technology, more to be the future retail business model and structural adjustments, one of the direction of its vitality and potential has been validated by the market fully. As one of the most important domestic community commercial service sector, the convenience store to become the market's darling also faces more challenges and pressure, from the early generation of shop to today's four generations, the five dynasties domestic convenience store is rapidly to the iteration, whether it is family, 7-11, rosen in the past three years, upgrade of terminal is becoming the norm, what will future convenience store terminal? What about convenience stores? How will consumers eventually choose their favorite convenience stores? On September 25 solstice27, the domestic and foreign convenience store giant will share the enterprise experience in multiple dimensions. At the same time, the conference will launch the on-site programme evaluation, on-site dialogue and other activities to study, exchange, cooperate and share the future of retail terminals with the retail industry peers.

Participating brands:

Theme meeting (3) : new terminal supply service innovation service conference of 2017 fast consumer goods

In FMCG supply chain evolution iteration, terminal revolution horn sounded, and after the FMCG + Internet "how to merge with the new terminal innovation, provide more efficient service system has become the new retail people facing a big issue. The new terminal supply service innovation conference 2017 will invite top experts from the domestic "fast consumer + Internet" (B2B) field to discuss the future.

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